Manohar Parrikar was identified as a nationalist leader. By birth in a simple family, Parrikar touched the heights in both education and politics. Let’s take a look at his personal life and his achievements.

About Manohar Parrikar

In 2000, his wife had died from cancer. So, they have played the responsibility of the family with great sanity. Manohar Parrikar was born on December 13, 1955 in Mapusa, Goa. His full name was Manohar Gopal Krishna Prabhu Parrikar. His father’s name was Gopal Krishna Parrikar and mother’s name was Radhabai Parrikar. Manohar Parrikar’s wife name was Medha Parrikar.

He graduated from IIT Bombay in 1978. In the family, he has two sons, Abhijeet Parrikar and Utpal Parrikar. Manohar Parrikar’s two sons are far from politics. Utpal is working as an engineer, while Abhijit is busy in the business world.

Lifestyle of Manohar Parrikar

Despite being the supreme leader of Goa’s politics, his life was quite simple. He used to often run his own scooter in the assembly. Despite becoming CM, he did not leave his old house and did not go to live in the huge CM house.

In the year 2001, he made an important decision and changed government schools in Goa’s rural areas to Vidya Bharti. The Parrikar’s decision was criticized, but Parrikar, who came out of the Sangh’s school, remained firm on his decision. Vidya Bharti is an education branch of the RSS.

Desperate Statement on Nationalism

His comments on intolerance were too strict and he had said that if anyone in India has to live, then he should respect the nationality of the country.

The person who speaks against the country should teach him a lesson. Although he did not name anyone. While being Defense Minister of India, Parrikar gave a big statement on Pakistan and described Pakistan as hell.