Hi Friends if you want to earn money online then this article is very helpful for you. In this post I am going to explain the ways of earn money online. On Internet there are many ways to earn money online but I going to explain only 5 legal ways to earn money online. In this post the topic which explained by me are true and it will really help you. But you have to work hard means you have to give some time for it.

How to earn money online

1) YouTube

Yes youtube.com is the best way to earn money online. I saw the people who wastes there time on YouTube not all but some people, but they don’t know that they also can make money from the youtube.

First of all you need to create channel on youtube, and make you should interested in the category on which you are going to make videos. You have to work hard to create your brand on youtube, when people trust on you that time you will become successful Youtuber.

How to earn from youtube –

For making money your youtube channel should be monitized. Youtube is a product of google so that you can make money very easily if you follow the privacy and privacy of Google. There is affiliate program of adsense from which you can earn money in dollars. Other than adsense you can earn from sponsorship, there are many companies which gives hues money for their advertisement, for that you Youtube channel should be best.

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2) Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is a one type of advertising the other products or something else by us. In this you have to advertise the product of a company for which you will get some percentage of fixed commissions for each product. There are many affiliate programs for which you can sing up and earn some money. For affiliate marketing you can use the social media (it is totally dependent on social media). For that you can use Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus, Twitter, linkedin, Telegram and many more.

The List of Affiliate Programs Websites

1) Amazon

2) Flipkart

3) ebay

4) Bluehost

5) Clickbank

6) Studio press

And many more

3) Blogging

If you like to write something or you are interested in writing then you can start your own blog. For this you should know some basic things about the blogging. In this field you should have more patience, it is not very difficult but it is something long process. In this you have to work hard and continue for some months (3 to 6), IN this journey you should be motivated at all times. Don’t get demotivate when sometimes you fails to do something always be happy. Create the blog on that topics in which you have more knowledge than other topic, it will very help you to grow your blog fastly as well as your blog reader also should happy to read your post. Please work honestly on the blog and don’t write the content which will be hazardous for the people or our society.

You can start blog as free by using Blogger.Com and paid by using WordPress. If you are learner and you have not affordable money then use blogger but I suggest you that add your custom domain which you can by from godaddy, namecheap, bigrock etc. If you have money then you can go for WordPress. In this also you can earn from adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsorship etc.

4) Become A Freelancer

This is also very profitable way to earn money online. If you have some basic or advance skills like (Data entry, pdf conversion, typing, translation, MS Office, Web design, Web Development or any type of skills) then you can do it. Here you can earn 30 dollars per hour, there are many jobs updated per hours. You have to apply the job and when you get job you have to complete it honestly in given time. If you work properly then their are many jobs for you, you have to create your identity as a good freelancer.

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Here is the list of some freelance Websites

1) Fivver

2) Upwork

3) Freelancer.com

4) PeoplePerHour


6) Hireable.com

7) EngineerBabu

8) Hireable.com

5) Write and Publish ebooks On Kindle

If you like to write novel, stories, essay, poems and many more then you have chance to earn money online. You have to write eBooks and publish on the Kindle store. Kindle is the product of Amazon, so that thousands of ebooks selling everyday. Only you have to publish your own ebooks on Kindle store, when people will buy it Kindle get some commission on books and remaining all money it gives to you.

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