Hello friends In this article I have told you how you can do your own study and that too with full attention. Hello friends In this article I have told you how to study for exams and how you can do your own study and that too with full attention.You study but then forget it after some time. So in this article we have told you how you can remember to read.

How to Study For Exams 1

30-50 Principle
According to the study, it has been found that whenever we read something new, and we read less than 30 minutes then we use less of our eyesight. Studied in 30 minutes is not enough so that our eyes can store him in his memories. Also if we read more than 50 minutes, then it is so much information for our eyes that it may be confused. From this you feel that I have studied so much that I am not coming, and you become demotivate. In such a way, you need to share some parts in a manner, and we also call it 30 – 50 principles. First make a list of your easy and difficult topics. According to the 30 -50 principle, a slot should be between 30 – 50 minutes, then the interval of 5 -10 minutes should then be the next slot between 30-50.
We understand with an example: If you find maths or any other topic difficult, then first you have to do a topic in between 30 – 50 minutes. Then take an interval of 5 -10 minutes, and after that the theme is easy for you eg. English seems to have a subject of that topic, and then interval leleigh. In the 5 – 10 minute interval that you can walk in, listen to music, or anything that makes your mind fresh. But remember that your 5-10 minute break will not happen for 50 minutes. Therefore, we recommend that it is better to stay away from mobile during your entire study and break.

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Be your own techer

And there are other tips that you can do to study your subject matter! If you are reading physics, read the concepts that are in it. Your attention should be on farmulae and theorem. If you have clear presents of that subject, you can explain that topic in a good way. This is where you will have to become your own teacher. If you are studying chemistry then your full attention should be on chemical reaction. If you do not just read it then you have to practice writing it so that you can understand and remember it. The next subject is biology. Your focus in this subject should be mostly on the diagram, because it becomes easy for us to understand it. It also comes to enjoy reading. If you read maths, do not try to break the problem, as much as you can to solve the problem. It will also be your writing practice and you will be able to get more marks by understanding more. In this also you have to read consepts well. The method of reading each subject is different. If you read English, pay attention to the format of letter writting, essay writting, notes making and other writing parts. With this you will be able to understand other subjects too, this will make you special in language formation.

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Do practice by writting

Research says that if we read anything, then only 10% of them can keep us well. But whatever we prepare for speaking or speaking, 70% of them live well in your mind. And whenever you write at the point of writing, your signature will also look beautiful and will be easy to understand.

So friends hope that whatever tips are mentioned in this article, you have come to the society in a good way, and I also know that you will follow these tips in a good way. Thanks for reading our article! If you have any suggestions please let us know. Whatever question you have in mind, you can ask us in the comment box below.
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